• Yecup: Most Advanced Wireless Connected Mug
    The only Do anything, Go anywhere mug!
  • Fine-tune your drink's temperature
    Cool down & Heat up any beverage on-the-go!


Heat up your favourite beverage on-the-go up to 65C(149F) Degree. Switch the app to Fahrenheit if you prefer this temperature scale!


Now you can easily cool down your soda, water or fresh apple juice in hot summer days directly from the app, up to 15C(59F) Degree!

Find Location

With location tracking function you will never lose or forget your Yecup anywhere! You'll easily find it in the surroundings.


Yecup also serves as power dock for your tablet and smartphone. Charge your smart devices up to 3 times a day with Yecup's built-in charging option.

World's Most Advanced Temperature Adjustable Mug

Meet Yecup: Revolutionary wireless mug for all seasons and occasions. Control your drink's temperature with one finger!

  • Set the perfect temperature for your drink
  • Keep your favourite temperature all day long
  • Charge your smartphone or tablet with Yecup

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Patented heating & cooling technology

Unique unisex design

Absolutely high quality functioning

Simple & easy Yecup app

100% Leak-proof lid


Yecups sold worldwide


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